Simon Ng

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Simon Ng is a pharmaceutical consultant and an educator at heart. Helping children reach their dreams drives Simon’s passion for teaching. Simon was educated through the Montessori system, the Catholic school system of St. Michael’s Choir School, the rigorous International Baccalaureate program at Upper Canada College, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in chemistry and biochemistry, at University of Western Ontario. In his spare time, Simon teaches piano, music theory, and volunteers his time at youth organizations. He aims to empower youth to better understand themselves – how they think, communicate, and learn – and find success in their own passions.
Simon will describe how the private school system caters to a student’s education, extracurricular activities, and learning environment needs. A good learning environment will help the students direct themselves and associate joy with learning new and difficult things. By having consistent student effort, parental support, passionate teachers, and small class sizes, students are motivated to achieve. The private school industry consistently updates itself to meet current technological and social trends, ultimately helping students achieve a competitive edge in their life experiences and university applications.