In Vancouver, Ms. Gebbie Hou was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma cancer in 2013 and was treated.  However, her cancer has returned after chemotherapy, and she now urgently needs help to find stem cell for treatment as the last resort. A stem cell transplant is Gebbie’s last hope. However, a donor has not yet been found.

A number of community organizations in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas are working with and helping One Match of Canadian Blood Services to conduct a “Save Gebbie Stem Cell Drive Campaign”, and the Campaign will be in this month on May 13 and 14 holding a multi-city, multi-location stem cell registration drive events to save lives.

The Campaign appeals and encourage young people (age 17- 35) to register and get swabbed, so that a matching can be carried to find the appropriate stem cell donor for Gebbie and over 800 patients in urgent need.  Anyone who registered may be the successful life saver.  Registration involves a simple painless swabbing of the inner part of the mouth, and the whole registration process would take only about 10 minutes.  It is hope that everyone may participate in this events, get registered and swabbed, or bring or encourage relatives and friends to do so, by coming on May 13, 14 to the locations mentioned below, or go online the Canadian Blood Services website to get registered.  To register you must be 17 to 35 years old, healthy; Canadian citizen/resident; have valid provincial health insurance; and be willing to help any patient in the world. (Check website for criteria updates)

Dr. Joseph Wong explains: Gebbie has a type of blood and bone marrow disease for which the only realistic, long-term cure is a bone marrow transplant or stem cell transfusion. Because of genetic compatibility, Gebbie’s donor is almost certainly Chinese. In the One Match System of the Canadian Blood Services, which is itself a member of the largest international search organization for stem cells, Chinese donors account for only 6% of all the donors.  The percentage of Chinese is a lot less in the international search body. Therefore, the chance of finding a compatible donor for a Caucasian recipient is close to 80%, but for a Chinese patient it is only 20%. Although we are all eager to offer help and hope to Gebbie, we are actually building up the stem cell data bank of the Canadian system so that we can help Chinese in Canada and in other parts of the world.

We are appealing to all young people aged 17 to 35 to come forward to become stem cell donors.  The reasons for the age limitation are many-fold, and is agreed upon by members of the international search body. It is easy to get a swab underneath the tongue to determine the genetic composition, and hence the compatibility between the donor and the recipient. The donation is also a simple procedure: it is almost like blood donation, except the donor’s blood will go through a sterile equipment to extract the stem cells and the remaining (over 99%) will flow back to the donor.  There are hardly any serious side effects.

The donated stem cells will find their way to the bone marrow of the recipient, and start reproduction into different blood cell lines for the recipient, including healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, replacing the cancerous cells which have been killed by pre-treatment radiation and chemotherapy.”

This time, the multi-city, multi-location events will take place as follows:

Saturday May 13: 11 am- 4 pm

  • Markham:  First Markham Place (food court).  3255 Highway 7 East, Markham. (Between Warden & Woodbine)

Sunday May 14:  11 am – 4 pm

  • Mississauga: Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care. (5510 Mavis Rd., Mississauga.  Mavis/Hwy 401)
  • Scarborough: CPAC (4150 Finch Avenue East, Toronto. (Finch/ Midland)    Register online
  • Markham: Market Village (Food court) – the stage area. (4390 Steeles Avenue East, Markham. Steeles/Kennedy)
  • Richmond Hill: Time Square Mall.  550 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7/ Leslie)

Saving lives is very meaningful. “Save Gebbie Stem Cell Campaign” is also planning for further events in the future. ‘Saving lives without border’, Organizations and individuals are welcome to join in the events of this meaningful campaign; for now, new volunteers of the aforementioned May 13, 14 events are welcomed to contact us (416)858-2283.

Volunteers for the campaign held at CPAC on May 14, please contact CPAC office at 416-298-7885 ext. 101. Email:


多个华人社区组织合作、协助加拿大血库(Canadian Blood Services)举行「救救侯欣欣Save Gebbie募捐干细胞运动」, 将在本月13日及14日在大多伦多地区 多个地点同步举行募捐干细胞登记活动,共襄善举。

身居温哥华的侯欣欣(Gebbie Hou)患淋巴癌第4期,经化疗无效,现在唯一的希望就是干细胞移植,但至今仍未找到合适的干细胞。侯欣欣命悬一线,急需干细胞移植。华人社区组织现联手协助加拿大血库举行「救救侯欣欣Gebbie募捐干细胞运动」,鼓励年龄在17至35岁的华人踊跃参加登记, 以便找到能够与其匹配的干细胞, 拯救侯欣欣Gebbie 及其他800名垂危病人。 登记者可能就是成功救人的捐赠者。参加登记只须用棉签采集口腔壁细胞,全无痛楚或不适。整个登记手续过程只需时约10分钟。

召集人呼吁市民亲自或鼓励亲友到下面列出的地点踊跃参加登记,或上网 登记。登记捐赠者须为持有安省医疗保险(OHIP)的17至35岁的健康人士。请上blood.ca网址查阅最新有关条件。

运动发起者之一王裕佳医生说, 侯欣欣所患的是一种血液和骨髓疾病,现实而有效的治疗方法只能是骨髓或干细胞移植。 由于受遗传因数匹配性所限,候欣欣的干细胞捐赠者几乎肯定必须是华裔。 可惜,加拿大血库的资料显示,华裔捐赠者只占全部捐赠者的6%。 白人患者找到合适的干细胞的机会约为80%,而华裔则只有20%! 因此急需大量华人参加登记。 募捐登记的资料将放在一个国际性干细胞资料总库,以供各国病患者作匹配搜索。 因此,当我们説明候欣欣的同时,也增加了世界其他国家的华裔患者得到可以匹配的干细胞的机会。

但是,即使配对成功,登记者仍可考虑是否愿意捐赠。 捐赠的过程相当简单,捐者的血液会经过一个消毒过的仪器,干细胞被筛选出来后,百份之九十九的血液又回到捐赠者身体。 干细胞输到病人身内后会自动行至骨髓, 并开始为病者生产各种血细胞,包括健康的红血球、白血球和血小板,以取代已被电疗和化疗所杀死的癌细胞。


5 月13日(星期六)上午 11时至 下午 4 时

•             万锦市: 万锦广场First Markham Place (food court),3255 Highway 7 East, Markham (Between Warden & Woodbine)

5 月14日(星期日)上午 11 时 至 下午 4 时 (4处不同地点)

•             密西沙加市: 颐康中心Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care, 5510 Mavis Rd., Mississauga (Mavis & Hwy 401)

•             仕嘉堡市: 加拿大中国专业人士协会CPAC, 4150 Finch Avenue East, Scarborough (Finch & Midland)

              为方便安排,请大家提前上网报名,点击这里: 我要报名参加!

•             万锦市: 城市广场Market Village Food court – the stage area, 4390 Steeles Avenue East at Kennedy

•             列治文山市: 时代广场Times Square Mall.  550 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Leslie)

拯救生命是件有意义的事。 「救救侯欣欣Save Gebbie募捐干细胞运动」将来还会有新的活动。

救人无国界。 欢迎各界团体和个人踊跃参与这活动,也希望有意于5 月13日、14日做义工的人士和我们联络,电话 (416)858-2283。

CPAC义工招聘电话:416-298-7885 分机 101, email: