·         领导管理

·         工程技术

·         信息技术(IT)

·         会计/金融

·         商业贸易

·         医疗保健


·         帮助他人进步和成功的成就感

·         结识更多来自相关领域的专业人士

·         与被辅导者的互动中获取更多的知识和经验

·         在沟通及领导能力上提高与进步

·         为您的工作简历增添亮点



如果您愿意帮助与您有相同或相似背景的海外受训人员重新进入本专业领域,帮助他们尽快融入加拿大社会并在加拿大安居乐业,请发送邮件至 或电话: 416-298-7885 分机103

CPAC Mentoring Program is now recruiting volunteers who will work as mentors in the following fields:

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Business
  • Health Care

If you are currently working in any of the above fields and wish to share your experience with the newcomers, please contact:

The benefits of becoming a mentor:

  • Satisfaction from helping others to grow and develop their potential
  • Opportunities to network with professionals in your field
  • Enhance your communication and leadership skills
  • Enrich your knowledge and experience from working with mentees
  • One more highlight of your experience on your resume.

Your time commitment is about 6 hours per month for a total of 4 months. You will communicate with your mentee through phone calls, emails and face to face meetings.

You don’t just make new friends but you actually witness someone flourishes under your guidance. The joy and satisfaction will far exceed the efforts you put in. CPAC will provide training and support to all volunteers. So, please don’t wait, come forward and help.

To learn more about the mentoring program or sign up, please contact: lily.he@cpac-canada.caor 416-298-7885 ext. 103