CPAC Mentoring Program Accepts Applications

Mentoring has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help individuals grow professionally. CPAC Mentoring Program, for example, have helped hundreds of internationally trained professionals find jobs in their fields and/or obtain licensure/certification.

CPAC Mentoring program is a structured program that matches an established professional (the mentor) with someone who wants to grow (the mentee). Its purpose is to help the mentee grow in his/her career and become more successful in Canada. The mentoring relationship is built on trust, good will and personal commitment. Through working together, the mentor offers support, guidance and assistance to the mentee to overcome challenges and achieve career goals.

There are three areas that mentoring works best:

1.     Employment and Integration – help members become more employable on the job market and ready for transitioning into the new community

2.     Professional and Career Development – help members develop professional skills and career advancement

3.     Entrepreneurship – help and support the business-minded members to start up and grow their business

Managed by well-trained staff, CPAC Mentorship program serves up to 40 pairs of mentor/mentee each year with a wide range of professional backgrounds including engineering, IT, accounting/finance, management and health care.

This program is for CPAC members only.

If you are a member of CPAC and would like to join the Mentorship Program, please complete the application form and return it with a copy of your updated resume to

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