Lai-King Hum

Principal/Senior Lawyer

After years in “big law”, Lai-King Hum, lawyer in both Quebec and Ontario, founded her firm in 2014 for employment law, human rights, professional regulation, and litigation. She and her team advise individuals, large and small businesses, and non-profits across a broad spectrum of industries. Lai is also Deputy Judge for Small Claims Court Toronto; Counsel in the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel Program at the Law Society of Ontario; and a Tribunal Member at the Condominium Authority Tribunal. She is past-President of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers and is active in several community and business non-profit groups, including as Trustee of CPAC Foundation.

Lai’s presentation will focus on a Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Law: Unless you are naturally gifted and brilliant, a career in law needs to be planned. To be successful in applying to law school, you have to start to lay the foundation early. What do you need to do? What skills do you need to cultivate? Lai will speak about her own journey, and give you tips on taking that path.