Carmen Bezner Kerr

University of Toronto, Trinity College

Carmen Bezner Kerr After spending her high school years involved in local human rights advocacy, Carmen spent six months abroad helping to manage a safe house for refugees seeking shelter in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She began as a general volunteer and translator, but soon took over higher responsibility, helping to establish new systems of coordination between her fledgling NGO and agencies such as the UN High Commission on Refugees and the International Organization for Migration. After seeing the young organization through its turbulent first half year, she chose to leave and pursue her education back in Canada. She intends to remain active with migrant rights back in Toronto as she works on her degree. In her first semester Carmen returned to her second passion of advocacy in fighting climate change, which she understands si deeply linked to the struggles facing refugees across the globe. Carmen hopes that her studies will help her better understand the links between climate change and migration, in order to work towards change on a global scale.