CPAC Career Service Centre (CSC) is a one-stop, multi-service centre that provides a wide range of employment and career-related services to internationally-trained professionals. Our mission at CSC is to help our clients achieve the following objectives:

  • Become job ready for employment
  • Obtain professional employment and/or profession licensure
  • Achieve personal and professional growth
  • Become leaders at work and in the community
  • Gain knowledge of entrepreneurship

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a) Employment Counseling
A counselor works with clients individually and assesses his/her skill set for employment. The counselor helps clients to develop an action plan and guides them through the steps of the job search process. He/she will also provide clients with information and advice on employment programs and community resources.

b) Job Search Workshop
CPAC JSW is an interactive, hands-on workshop focusing on every aspect of job search including: resume writing, job search techniques interview preparation, workplace culture and labour market information. In addition to group training session, individualized support is also available.

c) Job Matching
CSC works with partner employers on recruitment needs. We help employers advertise their positions on our website and through e-broadcast, we pre-screen candidates and match qualified ones to the positions. In addiction, we help candidates polish their resumes, coach them on interview skills and brief them on the employer’s requirements.

d) Career Advancement Counseling
Career Advancement Counseling will help you develop your potential along your career path. The process begins with an assessment of yourself: where you want to land and what the gaps you have in your skills or experience Then you will be guided through the development of a step-by-step action plan as well as the strategies.

e) Licensure Assistance
CSC has developed programs and services to help internationally trained professionals obtain professional licensure or registration. Currently licensure programs  focuses on internationally trained engineers, accounting/finance professionals and healthcare professionals


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CPAC headquarter is located in Toronto, Ontario. There are many ways to contact CPAC. For the quickest response, please call our office or e-mail us. If you are in the vicinity, you can also visit our office in person.

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