Annual Events

Annual General Meeting                                                           June

Your President and Board will use this opportunity to review the past year’s activities and financial results, and present future plans.  Members each have ONE vote, and all are welcomed to attend.

Outdoor Summer Festival                                                       Late June

Join in the fun and celebrate the summer!  This event is one of the largest festivals in the Chinese community.  The carnival style festival includes a variety of programs for adults and children alike and includes activities such as traditional Chinese performance, food tasting, games, and much, much more.

Children’s Drawing Contest                                                      July

Organized by the Education Foundation of CPAC, this event hosts more than 200 children and their parents in an on-site drawing competition that will reward the top contestants with cash and other rewards. 

Professionals Day                                                                    September

Presented by BMO Financial, CPAC Professionals Day is an annual event focusing on professional development and career advancement topics for internationally trained professionals (ITPs). The event consists of an empowering keynote presentation, educational breakout workshops and a marketplace/job fair.

Education Day                                                                           October

As a leading organization serving newcomers and their families, CPAC has first-hand knowledge of their needs and barriers when it comes to education and CPAC Education Day serves to provide solutions to the challenges faced by thousands of parents and students in the immigrant community. 

CPAC  Annual Gala                                                                   November

Co-organized with the Education Foundation of CPAC (EF), this annual fundraising events will celebrate the successes of the year.  In particular, the Professional Achievement Awards will be award.  This gala provides the opportunity for CPAC to express our sincere gratitude to our generous sponsors, donors and friends who continue to support the CPAC and EF in delivering its commitment.

CPAC Members Days                                                                Year-round

CPAC always looks to improve the lives of all our members and their families with multiple Members Days each year. Each with a different theme, we strive to cater to the unique interests and needs of our members. Experts from different fields host seminars that range from health and wellness to education and finance. Be sure to attend these free and informational sessions.

Special Events                                                                          Year-round

CPAC partners with many organizations that run special events like film screenings, concerts, and other social events.