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                1. 设计,组织专业相关的活动及讲座;主持人际交流活动;为专业新人提供指导;
                2. 为CPAC的国际学术及经济交流活动提供专业支持及咨询;
                3. 为CPAC旨在加强您专业领域内的中加合作项目提供专业支持及咨询;
                4. 协助CPAC的其他活动,如CPAC专业人士日,教育日,以及基金会颁奖慈善晚宴等。


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如果您有任何疑问,请联系Toby Li, email:, 或致电 416-298-7885,分机113


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There are so much CPAC can offer to help with your settlement and career advancements. If you would like to contribute back and to help those in need, CPAC's volunteer programs and mentorship programs are perfect for you. Why wait? Build your career success!

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CPAC headquarter is located in Toronto, Ontario. There are many ways to contact CPAC. For the quickest response, please call our office or e-mail us. If you are in the vicinity, you can also visit our office in person.

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