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CPAC (formerly Chinese professionals association of Canada) was first founded in 1992 as a registered not-for-profit organization. Our mandate is to assist internationally trained professionals in gaining recognition, cultural integration, career advancement, civic engagement in Canada and expanded international opportunity through quality service and advocacy.
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The CPAC Membership allows access to numerous workshops, seminars, and networking events. On top of that, sponsors of CPAC provide various benefits to its members such as discounts on home and auto insurance. Apply Now!
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Volunteering experience is essential in the Canadian job market. CPAC is constantly seeking volunteers to help with its events, services, and programs. Bolter your skills and contribute to the community by volunteering for CPAC today.

Join our Speed Mentoring Event on Saturday April 13

CPAC will organize an exciting speed mentoring event for a larger audience. This speed-mentoring event is designed to have short, focused conversations between mentors and mentees. We will invite six senior professionals from various industries as speakers to share...

Join our March 23rd Seminar on Digital Health at 12 p.m.

In Canada, federal and provincial governments have invested heavily on digital health innovation and technologies to improve the quality of Canadian health care. It will open to the new era for a safe, accurate and efficient digital health care management. Do you want...

Stem Cells transplantation for Cardiac Regeneration

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. Several decades ago, stem cells were discovered to have functions to repair and regenerate body. Because of the dream of human being, modern scientists like Dr. Ren-Ke Li...

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