Recipient List of CPAC Awards and Scholarships


2015 Awards/Scholarships Recipients

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Awards高中奖学金 Name in English Name in Chinese School
CPAC – Investors Group Award (Grade 11) Akeda Akmatjan Sayram   SATEC@W.A. Porter Collegiate Institute
CPAC – CPA Award (Grade 11) Ze Ran(Vicky) Xu 许泽然 Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
Scholarship大学奖学金 Name in English Name in Chinese School
CPAC – TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship Michael Xie 谢逸飞 McMaster University
Education Scholarships助学金 Name in English Name in Chinese School
CPAC – Tianbao Education Scholarship Echo  Wu 吴媛媛 Seneca College
CPAC – Queen Financial Group Education Scholarship Aisha Shah   Queens University

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