The purpose of the “Rules and Guidelines” is to encourage a pleasant, courteous and welcoming atmosphere at the Club, and to promote respectful play and enjoyment in all of the Club’s facilities.

  1. Club members must at all times adhere to this CPACTTC Rules and Guidelines and CPAC Facility Code of Conduct, and follow directions given by CPAC staff or volunteers. CPAC reserves the right to resolve all conflicts during play;
  2. CPACTTC is a member-based recreational club, only club members are allowed in the facilities, no guests are allowed;
  3. A sign-in sheet is at the front desk, and you must sign in / out at all times;
  4. It is mandatory to present your CPACTTC membership card to CPAC staff or volunteers on duty while signing in;
  5. The CPAC Table Tennis Club membership is not transferable, and the card CAN-NOT be shared with others;
  6. Please refer to the Club Notice Board for rules regarding Signing in/out, Reservation and Cancellation;
  7. Please share the court, don’t monopolize court time if others are waiting, and always seek to accommodate fellow members;
  8. Any disputes over times, players, games and procedures are to be brought to the CPACTTC staff and volunteers;
  9. All equipment is to be used in a proper way. An inappropriate use or abuse of the facility or equipment will result in termination of membership;
  10. Never sit or lie on the Table Tennis tables, and never place anything heavier than 2lbs or anything metal on the Table Tennis tables;
  11. Net adjustments may ONLY be made by the CPAC staff and volunteers;
  12. When a session ends, PLEASE leave the court promptly, ensure that all your personal belongings have been removed from the court, and the court is left tidy;
  13. Table Tennis teaching professionals and other teaching staff shall be appointed expressly by CPAC, and shall be wearing coaching labels issued by CPAC. Volunteer and mutual coaching are encouraged in the club, any other type of for-profit teaching or coaching is strictly prohibited in the club;
  14. If any CPAC equipment is borrowed, it must be returned to the Front Desk;
  15. If available and free of other club duties and obligations, the Court Attendant (volunteers) may be available to play with members at any time provided the member has signed up for the desired court;


  1. Proper attire is expected. Shirts, shorts, sweat pants or leggings must be worn. No torn clothing or muscle shirts;
  2. Proper footwear is expected. Please wear table tennis shoes with an appropriate sole to avoid injury and damage to the courts. Shoes are required to be worn at all times while in the facility, no bare feet are allowed;
  3. Only scuff-resistant shoes are allowed in the activity areas of the building. Dark soled running shoes, turf shoes, spiked shoes and any other types of shoes which mark the floors are absolutely prohibited. Muddy or dirty shoes are not permitted. Participants are suggested to change into a separate, clean pair of shoes for their indoor recreational use;
  4. Towels are strongly suggested to wipe off excessive sweat, as excess sweat can accumulate on the floor and cause slipping;


  1. A breach of these Regulations may be reported by a Court Attendant, a Club Professional, CPAC staff, CPAC volunteer and any CPACTTC member at large. Any breach of the Regulations may result in suspension or termination of CPACTTC membership;
  2. A total of TWO confirmed violation of the rules above will result in suspension of the membership for 2 months. A second suspension will result in the termination of CPACTTC membership and rejection of all membership applications with CPAC in the future;
  3. These Regulations are subject to change without notice. The Regulations are in effect and have been posted on the Club bulletin boards and on the CPAC website.


Revised June 1, 2017